LLC "Fuvan"


Fuwang Software Home was founded in 1988 year. After 30 years of rapid development, Fuwang Software Home has evolved from the original production of sofas and mattresses to modern design, development and production of sofas, mattresses, soft beds and solid wood furniture. The model of the production structure includes a modern workshop for the production of upholstered furniture with an area of ​​200 million square meters. M, Fuwang Home Plaza area 11 000 square. M and Fuwang home shop area 3000 square. M. It employs more than 40 software developers and more than 30 senior managers. Currently, it is one of the well-known domestic software manufacturers.
Fuwang Software Home is committed to building and developing a brand in strict accordance with national quality control standards. He was awarded certificates "Famous Shandong Brand", "Famous Shandong Brand" and "China Eco-Label Product". He is a member of the China Furniture Association, a consumer satisfaction unit in Shandong Province, and a leading manufacturer of high-quality upholstered furniture in Shandong Province. In the industry, it has passed the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification, the ISO14024: 1999 environmental labeling certification in China and has created a management system based on OEC management.
Fuwang Software Home, which aims to “create a leading brand of software and home, create a century-old Chinese furniture enterprise,” always adheres to the concept of developing pragmatism, innovation, excellence, professionalism, dedication and dedication, educates the artisans and carefully makes every piece of furniture. Adhere to the quality of survival, service and development to make friends honestly, with innovation as a starting point, to do practical work, with better products, more thoughtful service, to return the majority of furniture consumers, to benefit society and to contribute to society.


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